27 Mar

The art of stay interviews

Amid the great resignation, it is more important than ever to prevent high turnover rates. Many organizations are finding success in improving retention, job satisfaction, and productivity by utilizing stay interviews and regular employee engagement surveys in their performance-based discussions. 

You’ve heard of an exit interview, but what about a stay interview? A stay interview is a structured discussion conducted by a manager with an employee that aims to help leaders learn what can influence employee retention and job satisfaction. Unlike exit interviews, stay interviews can shed light on concerns long before employees hand in their 2-week notice.

 Even more so, stay interviews aren’t only an option for those in HR and can be used by any leader. They can even be integrated into your regular touch-base meetings by informally asking employees a few quick questions relating to workload and how you can help them. However, it is necessary for leaders to fully consider all the shared information and follow up on requests for stay interviews to be successful. 

Many of our clients have successfully used stay interviews to connect with their employees and learn what they can do to make their experience more rewarding. Managers, who utilize stay interviews, can strengthen their relationships with employees and build trust. In addition, stay interviews give employees a chance to share first-hand what would make them feel valued, excited, and fulfilled at work. They also signal that managers care about their employees and want them to stay on board. 

By conducting stay interviews, you may learn that an employee would feel more fulfilled by their career if they can gain exposure to multiple departments. For example, one might share that their work feels rewarding when they receive recognition or appreciation. Another may say that they would be relaxed and happier if they could occasionally work from home.

With this crucial information, leaders can develop an informed course of action to improve employee satisfaction, performance, and engagement. Today, there is intense competition for hiring and retaining employees. By utilizing stay interviews, our clients’ employees feel heard, valued, and appreciated, making all the difference. 

Wanting to reap the benefits that stay interviews provide but unsure where to start? 

Click here for a stay interview guide to help you navigate these much-needed conversations.