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Deep End Talent Strategies (DETS) works with companies and individuals to keep each connected to what the other side needs in today's employment relationship.

We offer resume writing and career coaching for individuals and provide full-service talent management and HR consulting for businesses of all sizes.

We guide organizations and leaders through the full spectrum of talent management from recruitment and on-boarding to motivation and engagement, rewards, learning and development, succession planning, and exit. DETS is a Certified Partner of the Predictive Index, the world's leading talent optimization platform. We help businesses determine if their leadership, teams, and culture are well suited and aligned to their business strategy.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the deep end of business growth, struggles, change and challenge. The deep end can be dark and frightening; we can be the light, life jackets, or even floaties. The deep end is where you have the most space to maneuver, make a splash, and create powerful ripple effects.

The current can be strong-Deep End Talent Strategies is stronger.

Individual Career Services

Looking to Make a Career Transition?

We offer support for job seekers in a number of ways, including our Pathfinders program. Pathfinders is a four-step program specifically designed for people with 10+ years of experience considering a change.

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You're Hired! The Job Search Playbook & Online Course

Finally! Someone put it all in one place for you-end end to end set of materials to help you compete and win in today's job market. This online course includes a downloadable and printable E-Book called You're Hired! The Job Search Playbook.

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Resume & LinkedIn Masterclass

On-demand, in-depth training on resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, networking, and job searching. The Masterclass is two hours of in-depth training broken into bite-sized learning sessions.

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Personalized Resume Review

Our Pro, Shawna, will record a video reviewing your resume and send you personalized feedback and suggestions to pass the automated screeners and have a resume that can be seen by actual humans.

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Free Resume Builder

Build a free resume that is modern, crisp, professional, and will pass the automated screeners 100% of the time.

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Resume Writing & Career Services

We offer writing services for resumes, cover letters, CVs, and related career search and advancement materials. Our clients are also invited into our Facebook group for networking, sharing and learning tips, and gaining support from other job seekers.

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Career Coaching & Retained Search Services

In addition to or instead of resume writing and training services, we offer career coaching services as very competitive prices with the utmost flexibility. Buy one hour or a group of hours and use the time in 15-minute increments when and how you need them.

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Job Search Tune-Up

If you car wasn't running properly, you'd take it to a mechanic, right? Not feeling well, you'd see a doctor? Well, if your job search isn't producing the results you'd like to see, perhaps it needs a tune-up, as well?

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Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong, part of the Myers Briggs family of personality assessments, is the only tool deemed valid and reliable to link personality and motivators with possible occupations.

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HR Consulting Services



Set us as one of your favorites on your phone and don’t worry about how much each call will cost for quick HR support and advice.

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We offer services in the full employment life cycle and ensure talent strategies align to your business strategies. Some services have downloadable templates and even facilitator guides for your in-house team.

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Certified facilitators can design and lead customized training, workshops, or team development activities.

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Our HR on Demand program costs less than taking your team out to lunch yet is perceived as a rich employee benefit. Every employee and manager can call for policy interpretations or to just have a confidential resource. We compile the themes of those conversations to empower leadership to continually enhance and monitor the employee experience.

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DETS is a Certified Partner with the Predictive Index, the world's leading talent optimization platform.

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This service is a toolkit for businesses hiring employee #1 and an assessment for those already with a team. Starting at just $550, we'll conduct a 55 point assessment of your current HR and talent management processes. We'll get short, mid, and long term plans AND we write or update your Employee Handbook.

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Articles & Thought Leadership

Holding Up The Mirror: Employee Engagement & Morale

As a human resources consultant, I am often asked the question, “how do I engage my employees and retain top talent?” I find folks are often disappointed when I tell them that there is no silver bullet list of team building activities that will improve engagement.

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Leading Without Authority

In today’s agile business environment, leadership has become an increasingly flexible structure as projects are frequently tasked to individuals without formal titles or authority. The days of the solid-state organizational chart seem to be falling by the wayside and thus you may find yourself in a situation where you are tasked with leading a project or team without direct supervisory authority. These opportunities may leave you asking yourself how you will lead successfully in lieu of a title. Never fear, here are some real-world solutions to help you lead without authority.

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Remote Work is Seamless for Digital Natives, Right?

One would think that the “digital natives” in the workforce would make the transition to remote work seamlessly and without much trouble, but contrary to popular assumptions, the opposite has been true. A recent survey showed that only 47% of Gen Z workers and 40% of Millennials feel that they are productive and able to get their work done while working remotely, while over 60% of Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers felt productive and enjoyed working from home. Millennials and Gen Z workers are reporting higher levels of anxiety and sleeplessness over older workers and over 62% of younger workers feel their work/life balance has been adversely affected by remote work.

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Signs Your Interview Training is Falling Short

The interview is your company’s first impression for a prospective candidate, and how it is conducted can say a lot about your workplace culture. Unfortunately, most companies don’t require any formal training to conduct interviews and, even worse, often task their most junior employees with conducting them. An untrained interviewer likely doesn’t have the skills to ask effective questions, draw out unrehearsed answers, or know what to look for in a candidate, and that can end up costing you thousands of dollars in hiring mistakes.

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Let's Talk Turnover

We heard a lot about joblessness rates in 2020 with record or near record unemployment across industries. Voluntary turnover got less airtime but prepare to hear much more about tenured employees changing jobs in 2021. A study published in late February 2021 by MRA, an employment organization for thousands of small and mid-sized companies, reported that for the first time, employees with 5 or more years of service are leaving organizations at a faster rate than their peers. We historically worried about turnover in employees under that 5-year mark

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Crafting a Workplace Culture

Your workplace culture can either lift your company up or drag it down. With the wrong culture, you will struggle to attract and retain the best employees. A winning culture will mesh with your values, business, employees, and customers.

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Secret Thoughts of Successful People

In part two of our Imposter Syndrome series, read about the common types of imposter syndrome and the ways it is exaggerated by social media.

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Got Conflict? Leverage a Common Facilitation Tool for Conflict Resolution

Some forms of conflict require advanced facilitation, and others can be worked out by open dialogue and a little time spent together to work through differences. An everyday activity used in business can be applied to conflict resolution: Start, Stop, Change. Sometimes referred to as “Start, Stop, Continue” or “Stop/Delta,” internal team members can run these meetings to bring issues to the forefront and lead a group through articulating a path forward.

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Mission, Vision, Values: Vital North Star Or Just Fluff?

Does your company have a mission statement? Vision statement? What about company values? And tell the truth-do you think they are necessary or cliché? I have been on both sides of that fence. Let's talk about the What, Why, and How of writing these for your business.

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Who Are You Fooling?

It is estimated that nearly 70 percent of the population (that’s more than half of humanity) experience a feeling of fraudulence at some point in their lives. This nagging feeling of doubt has been found to be extremely common, not only amongst famous personalities but also more ‘ordinary' individuals, who are often classified as high achievers themselves. This so-called phenomenon is commonly known today as Impostor Syndrome.

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A Year In The Deep End

This week marks the first anniversary of Deep End Talent Strategies (DETS), and what a year it’s been! The traditional first-anniversary gift is paper to symbolize writing a new chapter in life. I am proud to have written a new chapter in my personal and professional life and helped many others do the same. I set out to create a business that bridges the gap between employers and employees, providing HR consulting services to small and growing businesses AND career services to individuals in transition. People I know and trust gave well-meaning advice like, “If you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch either” and “You need to choose-you can’t successfully service the B2B and B2C worlds.” Anyone who knows me for more than a minute will attest to the fact that all you must do is tell me I cannot do something, and it is game on! Despite some well-meaning but misplaced caution and a global pandemic, I also had unwavering love and support from my husband, family, friends, and colleagues. Reflecting on this first year has been a lot of fun.

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Recruiting Gut Check: Reframing A Candidates Behavior For Job Fit

We rely on technology and processes to fill critical positions. The use of both allows us to operate lean and, when set up well, can provide a better candidate experience. Humans being human can disrupt our flow. The science is continually refining the systems to reduce disruption. The art is looking up from the computer to face the disruption, see it as a human being, and ask what their behavior says about the person’s fit for that role. I'm sharing a recent experience which was truly a gut check moment for me as a recruiter. The line between between following directions and taking initiative is thin.

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Shawna Lake


Shawna started Deep End Talent Strategies to bring over 20 years of HR experience to companies and job seekers alike with a passion for keeping both sides of the employment relationship connected to what each other needs wants in today's job market.

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Succession Planning Resources

Individual & Competency Development Plan Tools

  • 3 key tools to turn talent assessments, 9-box, and calibration discussions into meaningful actions to ensure development plans are aligned to personal and professional goals AND future organizational needs. Package includes:
  • -Competency Development Job Aid to develop the most common shortfalls: Communication, Teamwork, Strategic Thinking, and Change Management
  • -Individual Development Plan Template with suggested activities
  • -Succession Planning & Talent Assessment Follow-Up Conversation which is the Manager's script of what to say and how to say it-broken down by where someone falls on the 9-Box

Turn-Key Succession Planning Program

  • This is it-the full package that allows a facilitator or HR leader to roll out and facilitate a full succession planning program. There are five key steps:
  • 1. Environmental Scanning
  • 2. Critical Role Profile
  • 3. Individual Assessment, Calibration, 9-Box
  • 4. Messaging
  • 5. Development Action Planning
  • Get all of the tools and editable templates to add your branding. Comes with a PowerPoint to lead a group through the process and a facilitator's guide/toolkit.
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