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Deep End Talent Strategies (DETS) works with companies and individuals to keep each connected to what the other side needs in today's employment relationship.

We offer career coaching and the Job Search Playbook for individuals. For businesses of all sizes, we provide full-service talent management and HR consulting. Ask us about Interview Dive, a one-of-a-kind tool to help companies hire better.

We guide organizations and leaders through the full spectrum of talent management from recruitment and on-boarding to motivation and engagement, rewards, learning and development, succession planning, and exit. DETS is a Certified Partner of the Predictive Index, the world's leading talent optimization platform. We help businesses determine if their leadership, teams, and culture are well suited and aligned to their business strategy.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the deep end of business growth, struggles, change and challenge. The deep end can be dark and frightening; we can be the light, life jackets, or even floaties. The deep end is where you have the most space to maneuver, make a splash, and create powerful ripple effects.

The current can be strong-Deep End Talent Strategies is stronger.
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Looking to Make a Career Transition?

We offer support for job seekers in a number of ways, including our Pathfinders program. Pathfinders is a four-step program specifically designed for people with 10+ years of experience considering a change.

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You're Hired! The Job Search Playbook & Online Course

Finally! Someone put it all in one place for you-end end to end set of materials to help you compete and win in today's job market. This online course includes a downloadable and printable E-Book called You're Hired! The Job Search Playbook.

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Resume & LinkedIn Masterclass

On-demand, in-depth training on resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, networking, and job searching. The Masterclass is two hours of in-depth training broken into bite-sized learning sessions.

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Personalized Resume Review

Our Pro, Shawna, will record a video reviewing your resume and send you personalized feedback and suggestions to pass the automated screeners and have a resume that can be seen by actual humans.

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Free Resume Builder

Build a free resume that is modern, crisp, professional, and will pass the automated screeners 100% of the time.

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Resume Writing & Career Services

We offer writing services for resumes, cover letters, CVs, and related career search and advancement materials. Our clients are also invited into our Facebook group for networking, sharing and learning tips, and gaining support from other job seekers.

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Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong, part of the Myers Briggs family of personality assessments, is the only tool deemed valid and reliable to link personality and motivators with possible occupations.

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Set us as one of your favorites on your phone and don’t worry about how much each call will cost for quick HR support and advice.


We offer services in the full employment life cycle and ensure talent strategies align to your business strategies. Some services have downloadable templates and even facilitator guides for your in-house team.


Certified facilitators can design and lead customized training, workshops, or team development activities.


Our HR on Demand program costs less than taking your team out to lunch yet is perceived as a rich employee benefit. Every employee and manager can call for policy interpretations or to just have a confidential resource. We compile the themes of those conversations to empower leadership to continually enhance and monitor the employee experience.


DETS is a Certified Partner with the Predictive Index, the world's leading talent optimization platform.

7 Strategies to Support Leaders in Challenging Times

Supporting people leaders during times of business and economic turmoil is essential to ensure the organization can navigate these challenging times successfully.

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HR’s Role in a Crisis or Disaster

No one can predict when a crisis will happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for it. Because HR interacts with everyone in the company, they are perfectly positioned to plan and implement your company’s crisis management and disaster plan.

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Is Offering a Pay Cut Risky?

What do you do when your best candidate would be taking a pay cut to work for you? Is it worth the risk? Are you worth a pay cut?

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4 Tips to Improve your Business Writing

Effective communication is necessary for success in any area of business. From internal communication to sales funnels, networking to invoicing, and meetings to marketing - what you say and how you say it shapes people’s opinions and perceptions of you and your company.

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Budgeting Your PTO

As exciting as it is to have a new bank of PTO (Paid Time Off), think of like a bank account and leave some time for needed breaks and unexpected events.

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Keeping New Year's Resolutions

Most people set resolutions to stop or start a behavior- stop staying up so late, start that side project, stop impulse buying, or start working out more. But the sad truth is that 92% of people fail to keep their resolutions.

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Holiday Party Planning

Whether you're looking at a small intimate gathering or a large group event, there are a few rules to remember when throwing a party to ensure everyone has a good time.

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Pandemic-Influenced Interview Questions

Here's a quick guide to walk you through how to create your customized script including how things have evolved since the pandemic.

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4 Answers to Know Before You Interview

It's not enough to just know what you want to ask or how you plan on evaluating responses - it's also essential that you know all about your company and position before interviewing someone who may become your newest colleague!

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Active Listening

When it comes to professional relationships, it's important to practice active listening so that your conversation partner feels understood and you have a firm grasp on the information being shared.

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How to Tell an Applicant They Didn't Make the Cut

One of the hardest parts of the interview process is notifying the applicants who didn't make the cut. It's hard to tell someone they didn't get the job, but it is important that you do.

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Create an Elevator Pitch Employers Want to Hear

An elevator pitch is a short summary used to tell about a person or organization in a quick and concise way. It’s an effective way of telling a potential employer who you are, how you can contribute, and what kind of position you’re seeking.

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The Importance of Customizing your Resume

It is essential to customize your resume for each job application. Spend less time on the market by spending a little more time actually IN the process.

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Explaining Job Loss: Be brief, Be positive

Nearly all employees will lose a job at some point. Here are strategies for speaking to the loss with confidence and poise.

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Dealing With Rejection During Your Job Search

These days, you may encounter many rejections during your job search. Take care of your personal well being and keep your hunt on track by following these tips.

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The Top 3 Ways to Find Unadvertised Job Openings

While cracking this market requires action on your part, it’s a lot more rewarding than reading job boards and sitting by the phone. Try these proven techniques for discovering the best jobs.

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We Often Overlook Warm Connections

When it comes to getting a job, it’s essential to sit down and make a list of warm contacts and update them regularly. The more people who know you are looking for a job, the better.

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The Interview Today: 4 Question Types to Expect

There are four primary types of interview questions, and we will go through sample questions for each of the first three: Introductory, Situational and Behavioral, Job Specific, and Awkward/Bad/Inappropriate. Stay tuned tomorrow for the final type, it deserves it’s own segment.

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Shawna Lake


Shawna started Deep End Talent Strategies to bring over 20 years of HR experience to companies and job seekers alike with a passion for keeping both sides of the employment relationship connected to what each other needs wants in today's job market.

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