28 Feb

Your workplace culture can either lift your company up or drag it down. With the wrong culture, you will struggle to attract and retain the best employees. 

A winning culture will mesh with your values, business, employees, and customers.

Start with articulating or revisiting your vision, mission, and company values. 

Download our free guide to get started: Template Document. 

And then come back to crafting your supporting culture. 

Answer these questions to gain a better perspective of how to create a winning workplace culture for your business. 

How is my current company culture working? 

How could I make it more effective? 

What are my values? 

What does my company stand for? 

What company culture would give my clients and customers confidence in my ability to deliver the products and services they need? 

How would I describe my ideal employee? 

What type of environment would allow my employees to do their best work and enjoy coming to work? 

What do I believe are the benefits to my company of finding the right workplace culture? 

What type of culture would allow my business to thrive? 

What type of culture would be a big mistake? 

Get our free worksheet to walk through these questions and more as you work to design the culture that will lift your business, your team, and the customers you serve. 

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Shawna Lake is the Founder of Deep End Talent Strategies, and HR consulting from working with growing business across the U.S.