H2L Subscription

With H2L, you have options when it comes how much you would like to customize your company’s new LMS and course library. 

You'll have access to:

  • all H2L content

  • user upload & setup

  • individual learner dashboards for all users

  • one (1) team lead dashboard

  • team lead orientation with the ability to assign courses

  • real-time learner data / reporting

  • pre-built learning paths

  • gamification, including leaderboards, badges, and certificates

  • H2L email support

Our subscription is an affordable option for a quality LMS for your team. We can get you started with a low onboarding fee and an affordable monthly user cost. There is no minimum number of users required, and you can add new team members to your plan at any time - we're here to scale with you!

To get started, schedule a demo today!