18 Mar

In today's workplace, a bit of civility can make a big difference in the physical or virtual office. With a nudge from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and their "1 Million Civil Conversations" initiative, we're on a mission to sprinkle a little kindness confetti around our workspaces. Imagine if every "please" and "thank you" could earn you civility points, turning the office into a lively leaderboard of politeness! 

Here’s how you can level up your civility game in and around your workplace: 

Embrace the Civility Cape: Picture yourself donning an invisible cape of kindness. Your mission? To spread civility with your superpowers of politeness and respect. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Take a moment each day to reflect on your actions and ensure they're as shiny as your intentions. Are you the fairest communicator of them all? 

Listen Like a Detective: Practice active listening by tuning in closely, nodding, and even repeating back what you've heard, Sherlock-style. Everyone loves feeling understood, and you might solve the mystery of what they're really trying to say! 

Speak “I” of the Tiger: Channel your inner rock star by using "I" statements that express your feelings without casting blame. It's like singing your hit song, where you're the star, and harmony is the goal. 

Find the Treasure Map: In every conversation, a hidden map leads to common ground. X marks the spot where mutual understanding and shared goals lie buried. 

Empathy Glasses: Do these magical specs to see the world from your colleagues' perspectives. Everything looks different when you view it through their lenses! 

Be a Conflict Ninja: Address disagreements with stealth and grace. Approach calmly, resolve issues quietly, and vanish before anyone notices a potential conflict. 

Feedback Fireworks: Light up the sky with constructive feedback that dazzles! 

Champion Diversity: Every unique rhythm adds to the richness of your workplace's melody. 

Dance in the Civility Rain: Join the "1 Million Civil Conversations" parade and dance like everyone's watching—and smiling. Each step you take is a step toward a more respectful and joyful workplace. 

By infusing your workday with these light-hearted yet impactful approaches to civility, you’ll contribute to a happier and more productive environment and have fun doing it. Let's turn the task of building a civil workplace into a joyful journey where every act of kindness earns a round of applause and makes the office a brighter place for everyone. #CivilityAtWork