19 Mar

Business and economic turmoil can be challenging times for leaders at all levels of an organization. However, it can be especially difficult for people leaders who are responsible for managing and supporting their teams through periods of uncertainty and change. As an organization, it is essential to provide support and resources to people leaders to help them navigate these challenging times successfully. Here are some tips on how to support people leaders in times of business and economic turmoil: 

1.           Communicate regularly and transparently. Communication is critical during times of turmoil. It is essential to keep people leaders informed about the current state of the organization, any changes that are happening, and what is expected of them and their teams. Regular updates should be clear, concise, and transparent to build trust and help people leaders stay informed and prepared. 

2.           Provide training and development opportunities. During times of turmoil, people leaders may need additional support to help them navigate new challenges. Providing training and development opportunities can help people leaders learn new skills, gain new knowledge, and develop new strategies to manage their teams effectively. 

3.           Offer coaching and mentorship. Coaching and mentorship can be valuable tools to support people leaders during times of turmoil. Experienced leaders within the organization can offer guidance, advice, and support to help people leaders navigate difficult situations, make tough decisions, and manage their teams effectively. 

4.           Encourage self-care. During times of turmoil, it is easy for people leaders to become overwhelmed and stressed. Encouraging self-care can help people leaders maintain their well-being and continue to perform at their best. This can include promoting work-life balance, encouraging breaks throughout the day, and offering resources such as counseling or mental health support. 

5.           Provide resources and tools. People leaders may need additional resources and tools to help them manage their teams effectively during times of turmoil. This can include access to technology and software, additional staffing or support, and updated policies and procedures to help people leaders make informed decisions. 

6.           Foster a culture of resilience. Resilience is the ability to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity. During times of turmoil, it is important to foster a culture of resilience within the organization. This can include encouraging open communication, celebrating successes, and recognizing the hard work and dedication of people leaders and their teams. 

7.           Recognize and reward success. Finally, it is essential to recognize and reward the successes of people leaders and their teams during times of turmoil. This can help boost morale, build confidence, and motivate people leaders to continue to perform at their best. 

Supporting people leaders during times of business and economic turmoil is essential to ensure the organization can navigate these challenging times successfully. By providing regular communication, training and development opportunities, coaching and mentorship, encouraging self-care, providing resources and tools, fostering a culture of resilience, and recognizing and rewarding success, organizations can help people leaders manage their teams effectively and maintain their well-being. The team at Deep End Talent Strategies is here to help, contact us today at hello@deependstrategies.com.