02 Oct

Poorly written job descriptions are a considerable obstacle in finding the right candidate for your company. The problem with poorly written or misaligned job descriptions is that they will either not attract suitable candidates or only attract the wrong ones. Here are five tips to help you write a compelling and attention-grabbing job description.

1) Be Specific

 Be specific about what skills and experience candidates need to have to be qualified for this position.  Don't just say 'must be a team player' or 'detail-oriented.’ These descriptions are too general and don't list any specific skills. You want to post something that highlights all the essential tasks required of the job. Include a section in your job description stating what essential tasks candidates will be expected to complete and what duties are necessary for the role. Use specific examples of tasks that the candidate will perform in this role to show their day-to-day duties. 

2) Have a Clear Objective

 Be specific about the position you are hiring for. For example, will this new hire work with others, or will they work on their own? Be clear about what type of results you want to see from this person. Give an example of what you expect the candidate to do in this position. 

3) Be Exciting

 If you want your company to attract the highest caliber of applicants, make sure your job description doesn't sound boring or mundane. You need to sell the candidate on why this position is exciting and interesting, not just list out all the essential job tasks. Make sure to include information on company culture, workplace format, and its mission and objectives, and how this role contributes to them. Use job descriptions that are fun and exciting while still being professional. Use action-packed language to describe the work that the candidate will do on a day-to-day basis. This helps candidates get excited about the opportunity and creates an overall more enjoyable read for your applicants. 

4) Keep it Short and Sweet

 All that said don't make your job description too long- people won't read it! Instead, write the job description in bullet points, one sentence per point. And don't forget to include crucial information like wages, benefits, remote or on-site workplace formats, and whether the role is a contract, full-time, or part-time position. 

5) Talk About the Future

Don't just focus on the immediate position, but what opportunities this role can lead to in the future. Describe how this position can grow into other positions within the company as well as outside opportunities like freelance work or new job opportunities.   This will increase motivation for your applicants and encourage them to apply for your open positions! Bonus tip: Make sure you use keywords in your description to make it easily searchable on popular job search sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. 

Job descriptions are essential for attracting the right people for your company, so be sure to give them the attention they deserve. If you want to attract the best possible candidates for your company, make sure that your job description is exciting and interesting. The five tips we've outlined in this post should be a great starting point for ensuring that your job descriptions are effective and attention-grabbing!

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