Spotlight Training: Future Formatting and Focus Areas

We don’t yet know when in-person workshops, conferences, and training events will resume. Many learning and development activities were put on hold in 2020. Did you suspend training for your team, freeze budgets, or pivot to remote learning? All three were trends we saw across industries in the U.S. Key questions about the future of learning and development are swirling.

We encourage you to take some time to think about the best approach for your team and their future learning needs. 

  • What knowledge, skills, and abilities need developed for success in their current roles?
  • What knowledge, skills, and abilities will they need in the future?
  • To what extent do the nuisances of your business require customized training versus off the shelf content?
  • Does your team have required continuing ed or PCPs to maintain certifications?
  • Can you achieve your learning needs and goals through online training, in-person, or a hybrid?

Consultant’s Tip: The cost of pre-built online learning system has become more reasonable in recent years. Simply giving your employees login credentials to an LMS or service provider may be like opening the doors to the Library of Congress. It’s impressive, yet overwhelming. We recommend that you vet certain courses and recommend/assign a small number per topic per role. This helps to ensure your team develops a common language and learns the same methodologies across the board.