At Deep End Talent Strategies, our vision is to be our clients' most valuable partner as they advance their business and community.

Our mission is to navigate business currents for today's workforce. We do this by consistently demonstrating six core values that drive our business. First, our employment practices reflect these values and form the foundation for our employee and customer experiences.

Our values are:
  • Dedicated to Service - Clients are not always right, but they are always the customer.
  • Invested in Our Client's Success - Our mission is, in part, to further their mission.
  • VIP Treatment for All - Our clients may be small businesses and nonprofits, but they deserve best-in-class talent management. We see the potential in each client and individual.
  • Empathy - We walk alongside others to see and feel from their perspective.
  • Integrity - We say what you do and do what we say.
  • No Ego - We work for the greater good - DETS team success, client success, and community advancement.