You Applied to a job-What's Next?

You Hit Submit-Now What? 

Just wait for the phone to ring. Just kidding-this is a new decade, and your work has just begun. Use LinkedIn to search your connections at the company if you did not earlier and consider reaching out to certain connections asking them for a few minutes over the phone or coffee to discuss their experience with the company. Talk openly about your search and application, to the extent you feel comfortable it can be kept confidential from your current employer. Never underestimate how everyday conversations can lead to connections. A client recently leveraged a connection inside a large employer after mentioning at a sporting event that he had applied to that individual’s company. The next day, he received a call from the hiring manager’s assistant to set up a phone interview and literally that same day received an email from the HR department saying they were moving forward with other candidates. He did not make it through their initial screening, but the connection resulted in a good interview and ultimately did result in a job offer.

Keep records of the applications you submitted and when, the job titles, source/website, and company names. Look for patterns of activity or inactivity. If you want to move up into management but are only getting called about individual contributor roles or jobs like your current one, perhaps your resume is too execution focused. If you are not getting any traction with, did you remember to upload your current resume to that profile in addition to your LinkedIn profile? When people are trying to lose weight, they are frequently advised to keep a food journal. Your job search journal can be helpful in your analysis and reflection and allows an outside coach to provide you feedback and insights.

At Deep End Talent Strategies and the Deep End Job Search, we’ve built a Trello Board that you can use to help organize your application materials. Be ready when the recruiter calls. Email to request the Job Search Cure Tracking System at no charge.