I grow My Network

I use networking to cultivate long-term relationships. I share my time, talents, and encouragement with others. I gain new knowledge, expand my connections, and discover valuable opportunities.

I make new contacts. I ask for referrals. I attend professional meetings and industry events. I carry my business cards in case I meet someone interesting at a party or on a flight.

I reach out to former colleagues. I ask my previous boss for advice about a challenge at my current job. I invite my former co-workers out for coffee or lunch.

I set priorities. I decide on the most promising events to attend and publications to read. I balance my efforts between online and offline interactions. I focus on nurturing the relationships that help me to have a greater impact on issues I care about.

I follow up. I apply the feedback that others give me. I keep my commitments to call someone back or review their proposal. I thank others for their time and support.

I help others. I am generous about sharing my resources.

I discover mutual interests. I ask open-ended questions that help uncover common ground. I am genuine and authentic. I take a sincere interest in others and speak honestly about my goals.

I create new opportunities. I share leads and referrals. I welcome partnerships, collaboration, and teamwork.

Today, I build mutually beneficial relationships. Networking helps me to connect with colleagues, make friends, and advance my career.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I be of service to others?

2. How can I make myself more approachable?

3. What is one networking skill I want to develop further?