Culture Fit

Evaluate your values against potential employers’ before it’s too lat

Salary, benefits, and location are all important factors when looking for your next role. However, they don’t always ensure satisfaction. Culture “fit” is the alignment of your values and goals with an organization’s goals. On-the-job tasks can feel burdensome and unfulfilling when your values and work style don’t match with your employer’s. We often hear from our job-seeking clients about difficulties they’ve had with their previous employers. They are aware of their ideal workplace culture and environment but struggle to find an organization that aligns with it. Below are some tips for evaluating employers to ensure that your values and work style are aligned: 

  • Review the organization’s website and digital footprint

 Many companies have their mission statement, vision, and core values listed on their website. Beyond the website, check to see if the company has any social media accounts. Reviewing a company’s social media account can give you insight into its community outreach efforts, new projects, and work environment. 

  • Speak with previous or current employees

 If possible, reach out to previous or current employees to get a feel for what the organization’s culture is like. Employee review websites can also be a great tool for helping you determine the environment of a workplace. However, let it be known that generally more reviews come from resentful previous employees rather than the opposite.  

  • Utilize interview questions  

 Interviews are for employers to get to know you better and vice-versa. Ask questions related to professional development, training, team building, opportunities for flex scheduling, provided benefits, etc. 

  • Do a trial run 

 It can be very beneficial to ask if you can come in and spend some time with your potential team. Attending a team meeting or planning session will give you an idea of team dynamics, structure, and how you might fit in. 

  • Don’t be discouraged

Differing values and work styles don’t have to be an end-all-be-all. There are benefits that can come from offering a different perspective such as advancing creativity and learning.     

Job satisfaction doesn’t always come down to salary, duties, and location. Helping our job-seeking clients find a position with an organization where they are a “culture fit” ensures happiness and fulfillment in their new role.

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