Create More Flexibility at Work Through Job Sharing

Job sharing offers a lot of benefits for both employers and employees. These flexible arrangements can improve the quality of life for workers and make it easier for the organizations they work for to access the talent they need. These are the major advantages of job sharing along with techniques for making it work.

Advantages of Job Sharing  

  • Enjoy more leisure time. For many people, the typical work week extends far beyond the traditional 40 hours. Job sharing is one way to preserve leisure time for activities you find meaningful.
  • Fulfill family obligations. If you're a caregiver sandwiched between raising children and looking after elderly parents, you're dealing with a lot of responsibilities outside the workplace. Flexible arrangements can make it easier to care for your loved ones.

  • Protect your health. Maybe aging or medical conditions make it difficult for you to work full time. Part time hours could be just what you need to stay in the workforce without overtaxing yourself.


  • Provide better service to clients. Your clients will probably like knowing that they get full coverage because you and your job sharing partner back each other up during the hours each of you are away from the office. Job sharing can also reduce turnover so clients get to work with trusted employees in more stable relationships.


  • Contribute to a more productive workplace. Think of yourself as a role model for how flexible work can advance personal and business success. Your company will benefit from attracting and retaining quality employees and higher morale means workers are more motivated to excel.

 Techniques For Making Job Sharing Work   

  • Choose the right partner. To pull it off, you need to select a partner who is compatible and competent. Look for someone who complements your skills and is committed to sharing accountability and information.
  • Structure your arrangement. Most people decide to share the entire position while others divide up responsibility for different tasks. Plan out your initial schedule including how you'll handle your time out of the office. You may want to remain available for emergency calls.
  • Put everything in writing. If your boss is receptive, present them with a written proposal. It will help you to think out all the details and demonstrate your professionalism.

  • Coordinate with your partner. If you doubt that demanding jobs can be shared, just think of hospital nurses who share patients on different shifts. The key is to communicate all necessary information and maintain accountability.

  • Reassure your supervisor. It's natural for your boss to feel hesitant about any changes that could disrupt the workplace. Put those concerns to rest by delivering superior results and showing that a team can do the job better than one individual alone.

  • Be responsive to the needs of co-workers and clients. Similarly, the people you work with may find the process confusing at first. Be proactive about providing contact information and your schedule. Let your actions show that you're fully committed even if you work part time hours.

  • Organize your workspace. If you'll be sharing an office and desk, keep important documents, files, and supplies in logical order so it's easy for the other person to find. You may even want to share the same voice mail and email. Ensure your digital workspace is equally organized.

  • Plan ahead for changes in your arrangement. Decide what you'll do in case you or your partner drops out or management wants to terminate the arrangement. You may decide that you'll work full time until you can find a new partner or accept reassignment to another position.
 If you're seeking a better balance between work and life, job sharing may be one solution. Plan carefully and develop sound communications so you and your employer can make a success of this unconventional team approach. At Deep End Talent Strategies, we can help businesses design these programs and help individuals prepare their pitch for a job-sharing arrangement. Call us today at 866.442.3387.