Burnout Relief Strategies

Are you suffering from burnout? Whether it is caused by work issues, stress at home, relationship challenges, or a combination of all them, it can cause a frightening feeling of hopelessness! 

Burnout often causes a feeling of numbness and not knowing how to get your life headed back in the right direction.

Take heart - hope is not lost! There are some strategies you can utilize to overcome burnout, once and for all.

Try these techniques to get relief from burnout:

  1. Do not blame yourself. Life is hectic and stressful, especially with all the intense demands placed on our shoulders. If you are feeling burnt out, rather than blaming yourself, be proactive in getting back in the saddle so you can feel like yourself again.
  • Remember, you are in control of your destiny. Focus on what you can do, not what you think you should do.
  1. Stop being so serious. With the stress and responsibilities, you carry daily, you may need some plain ol' silly time. Release your inhibitions and have some fun! 
  • Whether it be dancing in your living room or swinging on the swings at a local park, take some time to find your inner child again. This will help you let go of your current stress level, even if it is just for a little while. 
  • Making time to have fun will give you a chance to refocus and get your life and priorities back to where they need to be.
  1. Stay healthy. It is important to stay in peak physical condition when you are under constant stress. Eat many servings of fruits and vegetables, drink large amounts of water, and exercise. 
  • Fit exercise into your busy schedule by making an appointment with yourself to exercise, and then keep your appointment!
  1. Improve your time management skills. You may be burnt out because you are trying to fit a week's worth of stuff into a single day. Unfortunately, that is impossible! Learning how to budget the time in your day more effectively will relieve a lot of this time pressure and stress. 
  • Good time management will lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed, as well as enable you to have the time you need to do what you want to do.
  1. Get enough sleep. This allows your body to rest, rejuvenate, and start the upcoming day with more energy. You can also deal with stressful situations better when you are alert and focused. 
  • If you adhere to the 8 hours per night rule, you will find yourself more focused, levelheaded, and patient.

Final Thoughts on Burnout

No matter how you may try to sugar coat it, modern life is not easy. It is no wonder that sometimes we feel like we cannot juggle everything anymore! 

Although these feelings are normal from time to time, they can escalate out of control. 

Before we reach that point, it is important to get our lives back in the right direction. These burnout strategies and tips will enable you to better handle every-day stresses so you can enjoy all the amazing gifts life has to offer!