Finding your Dream Job with a Vision Board

Are you trying to find a new career but not sure where to start? Are you feeling stuck in your current job and unhappy with the direction of your life? Vision boards can help! This article will teach you how vision boards work, what they are, and why they're an important tool for anyone looking for a fresh start. By following these steps, the vision board has helped many people find their dream jobs by giving them a clear vision of what success looks like. We hope it does the same for you! 

What is a vision board?

 A vision board is a visualization tool made up of a board of any sort, used to construct a collage of words and images representing your objectives and aspirations. The best way to achieve your goals is to keep them top of mind, and a vision board is a perfect tool to do that. 

How Do Vision Boards Work?

 Vision boards are a creative way to think about your future goals. And, according to research, putting your goals in this type of visual format can help you achieve them. We now know that it's not voodoo magic but neuroscience that's responsible. For example, having a visual reminder of your goals primes the brain to recognize the opportunity by prompting the brain to "value-tag"- or assign importance- to the goals you are trying to achieve. There is also evidence that viewing your goal images daily can help you make better decisions and take more action because it helps reduce the anxiety associated with a new opportunity. 

How to Make a Vision Board

 Creating a vision board is a personal experience that you may do physically with posterboard and cutouts or virtually. We advocate making a physical board for your first one and hanging it in an easy-to-see location. 

Gather your supplies.

 You'll need a poster board or corkboard, scissors, glue or fasteners, a source for your images, and stickers or pens to write with. 

 Set your goals.

 The next step is to write down your goals. Take time to think through what you really want as far as your career goes. Then, visualize yourself in the perfect job. Who do you want to be? What do you value in an organization? What are your career aspirations? What motivates you? How would you like to be recognized?  It's a good idea to write these values prominently on your board, so they are front and center when choosing images. Don't worry about making it look pretty; you will cover these words up as you create your board. 

Consider what success will look like.

 After you write down all your goals, think about what success will look like for each one: What would you be doing? Who would you work with? How much money would you make? What title would you have? You can also write this on your vision board. For example, if success for your travel goal is to be a tour guide in Paris by 2022, put that on the vision board, so it's in plain sight when considering which images to add. 

Use symbolic images.

 Now it's time to get creative! I start with a free-form approach to choosing images and, once I've set the intention by writing down my goals, I allow my eyes to choose pictures that inspire me. I love to use magazines for this part of the process. Select at least five to ten images that you find personally inspiring. Start with 3-5 magazines and flip through them. Cut out anything that speaks to you, even if you don't know why. Add it if you feel drawn to a specific image, even if it doesn't make sense to you yet. Once you've allowed your mind to choose these images, start finding other images, phrases, and objects representing your goals. 

Place your images.

 Once you have collected all the images that inspire you, it's time for placement on the vision board! You don't have to put up all the images, only the ones that are most important to you. Begin arranging and rearranging your board with the images and phrases you've collected. Continue to shuffle things around until you're inspired when you look at them. Don't glue anything down until you've finished setting up your layout. Don't rush this part! Have fun and take your time. 

Find the right spot to post your vision board.

 Select a place where your vision board can sit in plain sight so you can see it daily. 

Visualize yourself achieving your goals.

 Each day, look at your vision board and visualize yourself achieving these goals. To maximize the power of your vision board, close your eyes and picture yourself using the vision board images as if they were happening right now. Think about what you would be doing, who you'd be with, and where you'd be. Being specific is important — picture yourself using vision board items at your dream job. Envision yourself succeeding in the areas that are most important to you and see how it makes you feel. Now work towards making those dreams a reality! Remember that vision boards are powerful tools when used properly, but they are just that: tools. It's not enough to make a vision board and sit back waiting for your dreams to come true. You must act and be persistent in the pursuit of your vision if you genuinely want it. The vision board process is an excellent way for those seeking a new career to determine what they really want out of life. By creating a vision board that reflects what you want in your career, you'll be able to narrow down what type of company or position will make you happy. This way, when an opportunity comes up that matches these criteria, it will jump out at you! And then what happens next is up to you, but the Deep End Coaching Team is here to help. Schedule a free 15-minute, Where Do I Start meeting today