8 Ways to Deal With a Job You Don't Like

Sooner or later, it is something we all face: a job we cannot stand. It might be the job itself, the corporate environment, or the boss. There is just something that rubs you the wrong way.
Avoid the temptation to just quit. The situation might be salvageable. Even if you do need to leave, it is best to do so intelligently.

Make smart decisions when faced with a job you hate!
Consider these ideas:

1.     Understand why you do not like it. If you understand the nature of the challenge with your job, you might be able to fix it. At the very least, you can ensure the next job you take does not have the same issues. What don't you like?

●     Boss?

●     Hours?

●     Work environment?

●     Pay?

●     Co-workers?

●     The work itself?

2.     Change what you can
. It is possible that the things you do not like about your job can be changed. You might be able to alter your schedule or move to a different cubicle. Perhaps there are other positions within the company that would make you happier. Avoid being a victim and change what you can.

3.     Develop your skills. The job might stink, but that does not mean there is nothing to be gained from it. You might build some valuable skills or get the necessary experience to move to the next level.

●     What are the benefits of your current position? Do what you can to maximize them.

4.     Be grateful. List all the benefits of having your job. It might not seem as bad as you initially thought.

5.     Focus on relaxing at work. Some people are pretty good at getting themselves worked up. If you are one of those people, relax. Just do your work and keep your thoughts under control. Your self-talk is the cause of much of the drama in your life.

6.     Make the most of your downtime. Your job might be more tolerable if you made the most of your leisure time. Avoid just going home after work and eating dinner in front of the TV. Find a few hobbies or spend time with friends. Find something that you like to do and do it.

●     It might be a great time to start an online business or write a book. Who knows, you might generate enough income to leave your job.

7.     Plan your exit strategy. What are your options? What is the best choice you can make for your long-term future?

● List the criteria of your ideal job, boss, and co-workers.
● Keep in mind what you do not like about your current position.
● What companies interest you?
●     Whom can you reach out to for advice or job leads?

8.     Be patient. A lack of patience can be a dangerous thing when you are unhappy. You are likely to favor any move that relieves your current discomfort, even if it severely limits your future.

●     Exercise caution and examine all of your options. Some short-term pain might be part of making the wisest career decision.

Most of us will have a challenging job situation at least once in our career. Make the best of it and do what you can to better the situation.

Learn all you can while you are there and figure out why you do not like it. Find the best solution and be patient. Avoid quitting your current job until you have another one lined up. Do these things, and you will transition to a workday that is more in line with your desires.

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