Leadership Adaptablity in Uncertain Times

25 Mar

As business leaders, we always try to plan and prepare for unknown situations. Today, we are long past preparation and are in full adaptability mode. We’re setting strategic plans aside to figure out how to stay in business and take care of our people.

This will end, we don’t know when or how, but social distancing will end, and life will begin to resume. How you treated your employees during this time will transcend the crisis. Employees will remember how you enabled them to work from home with technology. They will remember that you paid them for working less than 40 hours. They will remember that you expressed concern for their safety and health. If you had to lay someone off, they will remember the empathy you displayed while telling them how valuable they are. They will likely want to work with you again and remain a customer.

Below are some suggestions for managing your staff today in this dynamic environment:

  • Be authentic. You don’t have to put on a brave face, show vulnerability.
  • Your North Star should be public health guidelines, followed closely by a balance of employment laws and the workplace culture you want to foster or maintain.
  • Seek professional advice if an employee refuses a modified work assignment-they may be legally protected.
  • Engage employees to build creative schedules and brainstorm business ideas, no one is as smart as of all of us.
  • As a leader there are always two considerations-what you can do and what you should do. Seek a thought partner to talk through alternatives and avoid knee-jerk reactions.
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