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"Tiny adjustments…Tiny adjustments."

Don't let off the gas, survey the path, listen to the passengers, small corrections, and know there's help. After surviving a fall break water adventure (sounds dramatic and felt that way too), I reflected on the experience and the lessons learned that have guided my first year of business ownership and life, really.

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Working Under Pressure:  Be At Your Best When it Matters

DETS has released our second Ebook. Working Under Pressure dives into what happens to your mind and body under pressure, making better decisions under pressure, psychological solutions to pressure, and tips for being mindful in stressful situations.

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Critical Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is key to business continuity and developing others within your organization. How do you capture and transfer tacit and explicit organizational knowledge?

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Working ON your Business vs Working IN your Business

Entrepreneurs and small business owners constantly struggle to balance the working on the business vs. in the business. The secret is delegation-but what to delegate and to who is the pivotal question.

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HR Leadership in the Post-Pandemic Recovery

The efficacy of HR departments will be one of the essential factors in determining survival, post-pandemic. These are the crises that strong HR departments prepare for, and the importance of HR representation has become increasingly evident for businesses without them. Here are a few considerations as we start to come out of strict isolation orders and are faced with new challenges, new communication needs, and new ways of working.

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