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Explaining Job Loss: Be brief, Be positive

Nearly all employees will lose a job at some point. Here are strategies for speaking to the loss with confidence and poise.

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The Unexpected Career Journey

From Casual Exploration to Job Elimination Panic and Surprising Outcomes I worked in Human Resources for 17 years and helped implement some of the earliest Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), those mysterious automated resume scanners. I moved out of HR for four years, and when I was ready to go back, I launched an external job search. I updated my resume and started applying to several roles. I had never had to work hard before to at least get phone interviews, but this time that wasn’t happening. Sometimes I would get a rejection email so quickly that it wasn’t humanly possible for someone to have read my resume. Worse yet, I usually never heard anything at all. I was at a loss because I had once been an expert at recruiting and the technology piece. I didn’t realize just how much had changed in four little years. I was eager to make a career change but didn’t have a lot of money to hire an expensive resume writer or the time work with a career coach. There were a lot of “experts” offering free webinars, and I watched too many to count. Each gave me a little nugget of information, but they withheld the important stuff until I bought an expensive coaching package.

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Read This Before You Ask for Your Old Job Back

Do you miss your old job so much that you want to get it back? Maybe you’ve recently joined a new company where things aren’t living up to your expectations. Maybe you have been gone for years, but you still have happy memories of your former coworkers and achievements. Perhaps you lost it recently due to economic reasons but expect they will be rehiring soon. If you can avoid a few pitfalls, asking for your old job back could be a smart move. Consider these tips that can help you get rehired

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